Lupus Detroit Fighting to Help the Warriors

A non-profit organization Lupus Detroit sponsors events that help raise money to help people that afflicted with the Autoimmune Disorder that causes the body to attack its own organs.

purple_ribbon_with_empowering_words_yard_sign copy
This is a symbolism of a Lupus survivor. Image Source: Creative Commons

Lupus Detroit is having its fifth annual Walk for Warriors walk. This walk is being held at the New Center Park, in Detroit, Michigan on September 2, 2017. Registration has begun for the walkers, walking to help raise this year’s goal of $40,000 for the Warriors who suffer from this incurable disease.

Dorie R Fann-Purry a Lupus Survivor and active member of Lupus Detroit. Photo Source: Dorie R Fann-Purry

Lupus Detroit is a non-profit organization that raises money to help people who are afflicted with the illness that causes their bodies to attack their own organs. “Let’s fight this battle together,” says Dorie R Fann-Purry, and active member of Lupus Detroit.

Lupus Detroit has started the registration process for walkers. Image Source: Google

Register today for the walk on September 2,2017, and help these chronic pain sufferers fight the fight of their lives.

Image source: Dorie R Fann-Purry for Lupus Detroit and UnitedHealthcare Community Plan