About Me


I’m Cynthia Gladden, I was born and live in Detroit, Michigan.  I firmly believe that everyday as humans we face a challenge in our life.  Only the person facing that challenge can turn it into something that can be defeated.  Encouragement can go a long way to help, someone see the flip side of a situation.

I am a person who has experienced many different situations on a daily basis.  I want to share my triumphs with the world, hoping to engage and encourage readers.  My journey started at the age of twelve, when my grandfather gave me my first sewing machine.  I was a designer and seamstress by the age of sixteen and before I would take new customers, I would set up an appointment just to talk with them.  I wanted to customize their  flare of taste with their style of clothing, adding personality.  Designing, customizing, altering and manufacturing clothing lasted for nearly twenty years.

I became sick and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, at the height of my career, this would become  the beginning of my crusade.  A crusade that led me back to school, first as a Graphic Designer, and now as a student, working on my master’s degree, in New Media Journalism, one thing that I have always loved to do, was write.

Now I want to be that informative individual, designing vibrantly with graphics and words.  Producing stories that are captivating and heart felt to a designated audience, making my story their story, and their story mine.  I want to keep my focus on children, and adults that can relate to the issues that children are facing due to traumas, genetics, and our overwhelming rate of health issue, that children and adults face on a daily basis. I will also write about Detroit, a city that I grew to love in it’s prime, now I’m watching it’s decline that led to bankruptcy and abandonment.  I want your experience on this website to be indulging, inspiring and informational.  Let’s grow together, follow me on Twitter, @MsCeeRenee.


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