About Me


I am Cynthia Gladden and welcome to my website, Here’s Cynthia. My educational goals have led me into the direction of becoming a New Media Journalist. My passion for writing played a huge factor in the decision to write to encourage.

This website will produce stories that help keep a keen outlook on life, with chronic pain. Assisting chronic pain patients to cope with intolerable pain on a daily basis is my goal, as I hope to help turn pain suffers into pain survivors.

I was a designer and tailor for over 30 years. Graphic Designer is also my title, with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts at International Academy of Design and Technology.

Being a chronic pain survivor, I have decided to help others with chronic pain issues by writing encouraging stories, communicating, and sharing ideas with my followers. I am a pain survivor, who is following her dreams, as a finish, my graduate studies in New Media Journalism, MA, at Full Sail University. Connect with me on social media, Facebook Cynthia CeeRenee Gladden, Twitter @MsCeeRenee, and Instagram at cynthia_dreams.aboutlife.


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