Tiny Town Comes to Detroit

The blight of real estate in Detroit has allowed room to construct a neighborhood with tiny houses.  Twenty-five houses are in the process of being built, to create homes for the homeless and low-income families.  The building of tiny houses is an effort to help the homeless and low-income citizens, with a chance to buy a home.

Detroit is the first city to build tiny houses where all the houses have its own unique style.  The plans were created to make each resident feel a sense of feeling exceptional while obtaining ownership of the tiny house.  The tiny houses are developed by an organization that is named Cass Community Social Services.  The size of the new homes is 250 square feet – 400 square feet.

Tiny house construction   Photo by: Cynthia Gladden

The cost to build the new homes range from $40,000-$50,000 and they are constructed in batches of six.  The Cass Tiny House project is funded with private money, in the form of grants and donations from several organizations. When the new residents move in, they will start by signing a one-year lease.  The lease of the property will not be more than one-third of the resident’s monthly income.  As long as the tenants pay the rent and comply with the rest of the terms of the lease, after three years, the tenant qualifies an opportunity to sign a land contract for the price of four more years of rent. The community of tiny houses will show a new neighborhood of tiny houses, from Cape Cod to Victorian and Modern style homes.

First finished tiny house Photo by: Cynthia Gladden

In conclusion, this project is not a complete solution for sheltering the homeless, in Detroit, but instead a pilot study for the use of the blighted land while creating homes for the needy.




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