Vacant Lots Are Developed Into Farmland

The blight of real estate in Detroit has led to many available lots being purchased for the use of farmland, helping to feed many low-income citizens healthy organic foods.

Parts of the city have become a vacant urbane prairie, now housing1400 farms in Detroit ranging from small backyard gardens to full-scale farms.

A tree farm was developed and planted 15,000 trees on land that once held real estate. John Hantz and his corporations were allowed to purchase 140 acres below market price value that involved 1500 neighboring city owned lots for $300 a lot, the total sum of $520,000. The first three acres was a trial test for, Hantz Farms, in Detroit.

D-Town Farms located on west Outer Drive is a seven-acre farm in a residential community and offers advice and help to other residents who want to be a part of the farming industry in Detroit. Victory Garden is a community garden, located on Schoolcraft, in an area where the neighbors get together to produce crops through the spring and summer in Detroit

D-Town Farm 14027 West Outer Drive Detroit, MI 48227  Hoop Houses

There are 97,000 properties recorded in Detroit, 67,000 are vacant lots. There is a side lot program where over 6500 lots have been sold since 2014.

Some residents have purchased side lots to their property through a sale from Detroit Land Bank of a $100, as residents are expanding their properties out with fewer neighbors in the neighborhoods.

The population loss in Detroit is represented by thousands of vacant lots, land left for weeds and trees to grow wild. Some land is being used for community gardens, providing healthy foods free of charge for the neighbors. Using land to cultivate food is a healthy and prosperous idea for Detroit, considering many vacant lots became dumping grounds for trash and demolished neighborhoods.


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