Serial Rape in Detroit

Levi is a kidnap and rape victim, turned survivor. Levi was 18 when she was raped and in the last five years, she has endured the pain of rape and healing that would turn her life around for the better. Levi now wants to conquer a challenge of encouraging young girls about being out alone, and not in their safe zone of home.

Out at 3:00 am, walking home to her mother’s house Levi was snatched up and thrown in the back seat of a car. The driver of the car, stood outside of the car, smoked a cigarette and guarded the brutal rape on the inside of the car. Levi was eventually dropped off on the corner of West McNichols and Rockdale on the Northwest side of Detroit. As she began to try and walk on McNichols street, a resident from a nearby apartment building was returning home, seen that something was wrong and helped Levi to safety.

The isolated place where a rape happened at 3:00 am.  Photo by: Cynthia Gladden

Levi was traumatized, and needed help to overcome the obstacle that had changed her life for the worse. Rape counseling, therapy and anger management, would be the beginning of a vital journey, while she enveloped herself into a song that she wrote and recorded, called, The Testimony. The arrest did not happen right away but one day a call from the Detroit Police Department would begin to change her life, as Levi had to face the repercussion of being out alone at 3:00am on the streets of Detroit.

Convicted rapist, Christopher Lee Johnson would be identified through the description of his car in other unsolved rape cases. Levi’s rape kit had DNA that would solve multiple rapes in the City of Detroit. Johnson would be convicted of Levi’s rape, the driver was never identified was only a part of Levi’s case. Johnson had already been interrogated without Levi’s case, so no one knew of a driver until Levi’s case surfaced with rape kit DNA and a description of a car that put a serial rapist in prison.

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