The Green Light Solution in Detroit

In the first half of 2015, nearly 25 percent of violent crimes in Detroit occurred within 500 feet of a gas station. Detroit, Michigan is on the edge of recovery and develops a program to help deter crime and help solve crimes, and it is called the Green Light Project. On January 1, 2016, eight 24-hour gas stations were the first to test the project.

The program is just over a year old and now have about 100 businesses enrolled in the Green Light Project. In September 2016, Comcast Cable joined forces with Detroit to help fight crime by offering to install high definition cameras, so that the Detroit Police may solve crimes in real-time at an affordable price. DTE Energy collaborated with the City of Detroit when there were just 52 businesses registered in November 2016. They encouraged more businesses with an incentive offered by DTE for a $7000.00 rebate per business that enrolled, a 65 percent signup bonus.

Every Green Light Project participant receives the trademark signage attached to the property, made visible to deter crime.  Image by: Cynthia Gladden

Detroit has trademarked the Green Light Project protecting its interest for the signage, lighting, and the green light fixtures on the signs. Businesses involved so far are 24-hour gas stations, 24-hour drive thru restaurants, and liquor stores.The Mayor of Detroit Mike Duggan, and Police Chief James Craig expect to see more changes in crime as more businesses participate in the Green Light Program. The first eight participants of Green Light see a 40 percent in crime reduction, newer Green Light participants are seeing an average of a 20 percent change in crime and there has also been a 40 percent change in car jacking’s, compared to a year ago. It was stated during the announcement of the 100th participant that all 911 calls will be dispatched to any Green Light participants first, no matter what. The changes will occur because of a green light flashing on a building that will represent security that leads straight to a monitoring station, that is divided into two parts, one for east Detroit and the other for the west side of Detroit.


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